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Health Digital Transformation

Posh IT, in its commitment to digital health solutions, prioritizes data protection from product development to post-production, employing rigorous security measures aligned with international frameworks like ISO/IEC 27001, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, HITRUST CSF, and CIS Controls. Balancing user-friendly solutions with stringent data protection, we adhere to all relevant regulations, including the Kenya Data Protection Act 2018, GDPR, and HIPAA.





To improve the quality of life for people through the use of technology, by providing digital health solutions, satellite connectivity, smart agriculture, and data protection services.


To be a leading provider of innovative technology solutions that empower individuals and organizations to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems

Posh IT develops and implements EHR systems that enable healthcare providers to capture and store patient health information electronically. These systems improve the accuracy and accessibility of patient data, and can be used to support clinical decision-making and care coordination.

Posh IT offers health information systems that enable healthcare providers to collect and analyze health data in real-time. These systems can be used to monitor disease outbreaks, identify trends and patterns in health data, and support population health management.

Posh IT provides telemedicine platforms that enable healthcare providers to deliver remote care to patients. These platforms support video consultations, remote monitoring, and other telehealth services, and can be used to improve access to care in underserved communities.

Posh IT develops and implements mobile health (mHealth) applications that enable healthcare providers to collect and share health information using mobile devices. These applications can be used for patient education, data collection, and communication between healthcare providers.

To help healthcare providers and organizations implement and use these technologies effectively. This includes training on best practices for data protection and cybersecurity, as well as ongoing technical support to ensure that the systems and applications remain operational and up-to-date.

Other Services
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